Colonoscopy Preparation

Three Days Prior

Commence on Tuesday if procedure is on a Friday, Commence on Friday if procedure is on a Monday

Low Residue Diet prior to Colonoscopy

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Food Groups Foods To Eat Foods Not To Eat
Meats Tender lean meat-not stringy Beef, Lamb, Lean Pork, Fillet Of Chicken, Fillet of Fish, Shellfish-Oysters, Calamari Scallops, Crab. Canned fish in brine, not oil. Fried or fatty meat, Fat on meat, skin on Chicken, rich gravy or sauce, anything Crumbed, spiced or Seasoned. Sausage or Salami etc.
Eggs Boiled, poached, scrambled omelet. Fried eggs.
Dairy / Cheeses Fat reduced-skim, trim milk Flavored milk, plain Yoghurt, Milk puddings Custard. Lite cheeses, Cottage, ricotta, lite cream Full cream milk Fruit yoghurt. Rich,fatty cheese, Blue or mouldy cheese.
Bread / Cereals White bread only. Rice Bubbles, Cornflakes Special K, white rice, noodles. Wholemeal, Multigrain Rolled Oats, Wheeties, Muesli, Sultana Bran.
Biscuits Sao, Water crackers, Morning coffee, Milk arrow Root, white scones, Pikelets. Dried fruit or nuts or Coconut.
Vegetables No skins, Potato, Pumpkin Carrot, marrow, frozen beans Zucchini, pureed tomato. All other veges and salads
Fruit No skins, Melon, PawPaw Rockmelon, Banana, Peach Canned or pureed apple, peach Pear, strained juice. All other fruit, dried, unstrained juice, unpureed fruits
Condiments Strained jam, honey, vegemite Tomato, soy, Worchester sauce Salt, pepper, herbs, vinegar, oil strained dressings. Peanut butter, relish, Pickles, chutney, rich fatty sauces
Beverages Tea, coffee, low fat milk Bonox, Bovril, soft drink,Diet cordials. Alcohol, strong tea or Coffee
Soups Strained or pureed soups, fresh or homemade. Soup with “bits” / Unpureed soups


1 Day Prior to Surgery

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Commence on Thursday if procedure is on a Friday, Commence on Sunday if procedure is on a Monday

Drink clear sugar free fluid only eg. Clear soup, black coffee, black tea, sugar free jelly, sugar free cordial, sugar free soft drinks, clear apple juice and water.


AT 3PM – Dissolve the entire contents of 1 sachet of Picoprep in a glass of warm water.  If preferred, prepare earlier and chill in refrigerator before required to drink.

Drink contents of this glass followed by at least 1 litre of water.

AT 6PM – Repeat with 2nd sachet of Picoprep (dissolved in a glass) followed by at least another 1 litre of water.

The prep will give you watery diarrhoea – this is normal.

On occasions Dr Hansen may vary the type of prep or the timing of the prep.  Check with office staff regarding this.

If you experience any vomiting or fainting please contact Dr Hansen’s office or if after hours, or call the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital on 5390 6000 and ask to speak to the After Hours Manager.


On the Day Of the Procedure

You will have been advised your hospital admission time by our office staff.  As you will be having an anaesthetic you will NOT be able to drive home and it is important that you have another adult to stay with you on the evening following the procedure. 

For many procedures you should generally fast from midnight. 

MBBS FRACS Colorectal and General Surgeon